About us

Passionate Tools was established at the beginning of 2008 by professionals with extensive experience in the construction, procurement and development fields.The focus of the business is on the provision of a range of professional services to the construction, mining, engineering and development business in Southern Africa The service offerings are consolidated into two divisions, i.e. Procurement services and Maintenance & Repair services.

1.     Procurement services

This is a comprehensive supply chain offering to small medium and large organisations that include assistance with defining requirements, sourcing available and appropriate supplies, procurement at best prices and deliveries.

Clients making use of this service have access to an external fully fledged procurement service at Passionate Tools at no extra cost plus buying at competitive prices. Passionate Tools in effect take over the client non core operational function allowing our clients to focus on their core business

Passionate Tools do not promote one particular brand of products and the needs of it clients have preference in the procurement process

To be competitive in this market, Passionate Tools obtained an import and export license and established preference agency and supply agreement with major suppliers/importers and manufacturers in the areas listed below

  •          General hardware
  •          Abrasives
  •          Motor engineering equipment
  •          Adhesives, sealants, paints and cleaning material
  •          Air tools
  •          Blades and cutting
  •          Drill bits augers tapes and dies
  •          Machine tools
  •          Measuring and marking tools
  •          Locks
  •          Building material
  •          Construction equipment
  •          Power tools
  •          Plumbing materials
  •          Electrical supplies
  •          Electronic equipment
  •          Safety cloths and equipment
  •          Communication equipment
  •          Promotional material
  •          Camping equipment
  •          Gardening equipment
  •          Hand tools
  •          Welding equipment
  •          Lifting equipment
  •          Reinforcing spacers
  •          Plastic bins and products
  •          Fastening products
  •          Litter pickers
  •          Consumables
  •          Form-work and Scaffolding

2.     Maintenance and repair services

Provision is made for the service and repair of power tools, vibrating pokers, sub-pumps and drive units, generator and generator welders, plate compactors, tamping rammers, compressors, compacting rollers, lawnmowers, weed eaters, bush cutters, inverter welders,  power floats etc

For this purpose Passionate Tools has established a fully equipped workshop with highly trained and motivated technicians resulting in Passionate Tools becoming the sole and preferred service provider for most of our clients

Local delivery and pick-up services is done by our marketing team and cross border delivery by contracted service providers

Passionate Tools has been rated a Level four Contributor with a 100% procurement recognition level Certificate No BMV 807/651/08

Passionate Tools subscribes to the principle of broad based BEE and is in the process of defining and implementing its policy at the following three levels:

a) Direct empowerment through ownership and control of the enterprise and assets,

b) Human resource development and employment equity, and

c) Indirect empowerment through preferential procurement and enterprise development

Passionate Tools is committed to build a health, safety and environmental awareness culture among all its employees and accept its role and responsibility (both legal and moral) with regards to the provision of a safe and healthy working environment.


Passionate Tools has committed itself  to provide the necessary means and training to equip each employee to safely implement each task expected of him, with the following expected from each employee:

  •          Each employee accepts responsibility for his own health and safety as well as preserving the environment
  •          Each employee accepts responsibility for the correct use and maintenance of all safety equipment issued to him
  •          Each employee commits himself to ensuring the health and safety of his fellow workers at all times

Passionate Tools quality control system reflects its commitment to ensure and maintain standards of excellence in workmanship and material and comply to the requirements of the Machinery and Occupational Safety (Act no 6 of 1983) as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act No 85 Of 1993) in terms of its in-house operations but as important also to the requirements of the SHE policies of its clients.

Guarantee on Goods and Services

Guarantees offered by OEM's and suppliers of goods and services sold by Passionate Tools are honoured and administered through a register maintained in-house. 

Services and repairs done by Passionate Tools are guaranteed for a period of 3 months

3.     Repair conditions

Power tools and engine driven equipment

COD customers will be required to pay a strip and quote fee of R145 & R290 on all items handed in for repair. This fee will be deducted from the final invoice

A formal quote will be provided on all items handed in for repair

All repair work is guaranteed for a period of 3 months from date of invoice (excl. miss use and abuse)

Poker and Sub-pumps

A standard fee of R480 and R580 is charged for the repair of pokers and sub-pumps

The standard fee exclude the replacement of the Vibrating Tube, Vibrating shaft, Hose connector, Spade shaft coupling, Outer hose, Flex shaft

By signing the Passionate Tools Collection Note, permission is given for repair of pokers and sub-pumps at the standard fee

Pokers and sub-pumps requiring any of the excluded parts will be quoted and repaired on approval by the client

All items repaired and not collected within three months from the date of the invoice will be sold to defray cost

All items awaiting client approval, for which approval has not been received within three months from date of the quote, will be disposed off

All repair work on pokers and sub-pumps is guaranteed for a period of 1 month from date of invoice (excl. miss use and abuse)